for the climate

As a network of companies, we are decarbonizing and digitizing the building sector in Europe – one building at a time. Together with you.

Our mission:
less emission

Together with our partners, we decarbonize the European building segment. We offer an integrated solution including planning, installation, and additional services. By combining planning, installation, and a comprehensive corresponding service portfolio we offer a tailored integrated solution for our customers. That’s how we make a difference – not only for our customers but also for the planet. We take responsibility for the planet and future generations by combining traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge climate technologies.


of greenhouse gas emissions
correspond to the building sector

35 Mio.

buildings are required
to be modernized and renovated


maximum global warming –
that’s our goal

We are decarbonizing and digitizing the European building stock for future generations.

We are decarbonizing and digitizing
the European building stock for future generations.

For a a green and
sustainable future

Traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies do not contradict: ebutec is a platform for companies and employees with a joint vision. We want to transform the European building segment for the better. Our vision is a green and connected future. By combining traditional craftsmanship, innovative technologies, and clear vision we create a network of leading service providers within the European building segment. Our vision is green – what is yours?

A joint movement

ebutec is a network of independent companies from the building segment. Together we are stronger.

Our services

Roof and building shell

Photovoltaics and
Electrical installation

Heating and cooling


Building automation and
Digital Services

Your job with a meaning

Whether engineer, craftsman, or office worker: We are all climate heroes! Become part of it.