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Clima innovation

through our associated companies

Integrated solutions for a climate-friendly building sector

Together with our associated companies, we are decarbonizing and digitizing the European building segment. We offer our customers an integrated total solution: planning and installation together with a wide range of services. This is how we make the difference. For our customers and for the environment.

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5 Sections for the future

Our corporate group focuses on our four main trades: building envelope and roof renovation, heating and cooling, ventilation and photovoltaics. We round off these four trades with our expertise in building automation, offering our customers a total integrated solution. Our offering is complemented by a comprehensive range of services along Digital Services, financing offers and services to further increase energy efficiency.

Roof and building shell

Our expertise in the roof and building envelope sector includes the planning, installation and maintenance of roofs and façades. We offer customised solutions for efficient water drainage, energy optimisation and protection of your building against the elements.

With our team, we guarantee the highest quality and sustainability for the long-term value retention of your property.

Heating and cooling

Our heating and cooling technology services cover the installation and maintenance of heating and cooling systems. We offer innovative solutions for energy-efficient heating and cooling to maximise your comfort while minimising energy consumption.

Rely on our expertise for optimum temperature control in your building.



Optimal ventilation is crucial for the air quality and well-being in your building - it plays a fundamental role in ensuring healthy working and living conditions. Through controlled ventilation, we not only eliminate pollutants and allergens, but also help to prevent mould growth, humidity and air stagnation.

Our services range from the development of customised solutions to the installation of efficient ventilation systems and a regular maintenance service.

Photovoltaics and electric installation

In the era of renewable energies, photovoltaic systems have become indispensable. Our services include the planning and installation of photovoltaic systems and their integration into electrical systems.

With our range of services in the area of PV systems, we actively contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint and support you in obtaining your energy requirements sustainably and self-sufficiently from renewable sources.

Building Automation and Digital Services

Efficiency is the key to sustainable operation. Our building automation services enable the control and monitoring of building technologies for maximum energy efficiency. Our services range from intelligent lighting systems to automated climate control.

With our innovative solutions, we help you to reduce your operating costs while minimising your environmental footprint.

Our Group
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Moving more together. ebutec is a strong group of independent service companies in the building sector that work together for a sustainable future. Through the exchange of knowledge and ideas, the strength of the group network and the combination of tradition and technology, we bring about long-term positive changes in the industry.

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